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Five good reasons to upgrade to
high-efficiency heating appliances now:

  1. You'll receive rebates on qualifying high-efficiency appliances.
  2. It's more comfortable and convenient to replace old heating appliances in a non-emergency situation.
  3. By upgrading your heating appliances now, you'll immediately reduce the amount of energy you'll need to maintain your comfort and save money by using less.
  4. When you conserve natural gas, you not only help your pocketbook, you reduce emissions further, making the air cleaner for everyone.
  5. Tax credits - the new stimulus bill made significant changes to federal energy efficiency tax credits being offered. Combine these credits with our rebates and save even more! Click here to learn more about the federal tax credits being offered.

An example of how you can make
high-efficiency more affordable:

Weatherization assistance for
low-income customers.

In addition to the rebate feature of the program, the Conservation Incentive Program includes free weatherization assistance for low-income customers. Customers who may be eligible for assistance through CIP will be identified by National Fuel and social service providers.

Special programs are available for National Fuel customers to help manage your fuel costs and keep you warm and comfortable. The programs, administered for National Fuel by NYSERDA, provide energy efficiency measures including but not limited to insulation, heating system inspections and repairs, caulking, and air sealing to reduce drafts and more!

To be eligible, low income customers must have high usage, along with other factors that would make weatherization measures cost-effective. Interested customers can contact NYSERDA, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, at 1-800.263.0960. Please have your National Fuel account number available when calling.

For additional program details, visit


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