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All non-residential customers can save money through fixed or customized rebates on select energy-efficient equipment upgrades—no matter how much gas is used.

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Offering you two ways to save


Option 1 - Fixed (pre-qualified rebate)

Fixed rebates available on pre-qualified equipment. It's fast and easy.

Please note that those seeking reimbursement must apply within 90 days of signing the application.

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Option 2 - Customized (performance-based rebate)

The Conservation Incentive Program provides non-residential customers with rebates of $15 per Mcf × the gas savings (Mcf) on the cost to upgrade to qualifying energy-efficient furnaces, boilers, water heaters and process heating equipment. In addition, improvements directly related to gas equipment energy savings, including but not limited to measures such as steam/hot water distribution piping insulation, boiler control systems, flue gas economizers and heat recovery, are eligible for consideration. All National Fuel non-residential customers are eligible to participate. Rebates are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the results of an energy-use analysis. This may result in a larger rebate than if your company were to receive a fixed rebate. Rebate cap of $100,000 per account, per program year.

Applications for performance-based projects must be submitted either before or within 90 days of contracting the project and prior to any demolition or removal of existing equipment, or installation of new equipment.

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Free technical assistance

As a courtesy to both our customers and contractors, C.J. Brown Energy will provide free technical assistance with the application process, as well as facility walk-through and return on investment calculations. Contact C.J. Brown Energy at 1‑844‑365‑3493 or email NFRebateHelp.

Please note:

For both pre-qualified and performance-based applications, all appliances must be installed by a contractor. Non-residential customers applying for a rebate AND the contractor who performed the installation must be able to supply one of the following: Federal ID number, a Certificate of Insurance or a Business Certificate showing their company's name and address in order for the rebate application to be considered complete. Rebates are available for equipment upgrades only. New-builds are not eligible for rebates. Rebate cap of $100,000 per account, per program year.