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Save money.
Save energy.

Upgrade your natural gas equipment to high-efficiency models and save.

The National Fuel Conservation Incentive Program offers customers several money-saving rebates for replacing specified appliances with new, energy-efficient models in their homes or adding them to their new builds. By combining rebates with projected annual savings for using more energy-efficient equipment, new, high-efficiency appliances, such as furnaces, water heaters, boilers, gas dryers and more, can quickly pay for themselves.

Get green for going green.


Residential Customers

Get rebates for your home. The Conservation Incentive Program offers residential customers in National Fuel’s Western New York service area a number of rebates when appliances are replaced with energy-efficient models or added to new builds.


Non-Residential Customers

Get rebates for your customers, rentals or business. All non-residential customers can save money through fixed or customized rebates on select energy-efficient equipment installations — regardless of natural gas consumption.

Act now and take advantage of:



You’ll receive incentives on qualifying high-efficiency appliances.


Energy savings

You’ll immediately reduce the amount of energy needed and save money by using less.


Reduce emissions

When you conserve natural gas, you help make the air cleaner for everyone.


Your energy partner

We want to help you use less gas.

Economic and environmental concerns are driving consumer decisions about energy more and more. As public concerns about the environment increase, interest has grown in the potential for energy efficiency to moderate consumer cost increases, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy security. At National Fuel, we believe investing in energy-efficiency programs presents an opportunity to achieve these objectives and benefit the communities we serve. Online casinos help save the environment by reducing the need for physical venues, thus lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions. Players enjoy the meilleur jeux casino en ligne from home, minimizing travel and its environmental impact. This digital shift supports sustainability while offering a diverse, exciting gaming experience.

The Conservation Incentive Program provides our customers with resources to conserve energy and achieve savings on heating costs while providing opportunities to improve the environment through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the preservation of natural gas resources for future generations. Apart from investing in natural gas, oil trading is as well a good investment option. Traders can use auto trading platforms such as the Oil Profit to increase their trading efficiency. Check the Öl Profit test results to learn the benefits of this platform.


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If you smell rotten eggs, it could be a natural gas leak. Leave the premises immediately and contact National Fuel from a different location.