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We want to help you save money
while protecting the environment.

National Fuel's Conservation Incentive Program offers residential and small, non-residential customers in National Fuel's western New York service area a number of money-saving rebates when you buy or replace specified heating appliances with new, energy-efficient models. When you combine the rebates of as much as $350 with the projected fuel savings realized by using more efficient equipment, you'd be amazed at how quickly these new appliances can pay for themselves.

Why is National Fuel
helping you use less gas?

A lot of people believe that National Fuel controls the cost of natural gas, and that higher natural gas costs mean the Utility makes more money. The truth is that utilities have no control over the market price of natural gas. By law, these costs are passed along without mark-up. The price you pay for natural gas is set in the energy marketplace where the forces of supply and demand affect prices most. In recent years, supply and demand in the energy marketplace have been out of balance, resulting in rising energy prices.

National Fuel's Conservation Incentive Program was the first of its kind in New York State. This program is designed so that, with others like it, utilities and their customers can partner on ways to use less natural gas, helping to bring balance back to the marketplace and lowering the price we all pay for the energy we use.

We pay the same price for natural gas
that our customers pay.

Natural gas is a commodity that is purchased in the national marketplace wherein the forces of supply and demand influence its price. By law, public utilities may not add any mark-up to the price of this commodity, which means National Fuel's utility does not make a profit on the natural gas it sells to customers.

Though we pass the cost of natural gas on to the customer dollar-for-dollar, we strive to manage marketplace conditions by purchasing natural gas at the best possible price. Most utilities, National Fuel included, utilize a strategic purchasing policy that includes buying gas in the summer and putting it into storage for use during the winter months, and contacting for deliveries of natural gas to be received in the winter at pre-set prices. This policy is designed to insulate customers from sudden price swings, while ensuring dependable supplies of natural gas, even during the harshest days of the winter.

Throughout the National Fuel For Thought Web site you will find links to a variety of additional Web sites dedicated to energy conservation. These links are provided solely for your convenience. National Fuel has no association with these sites, does not endorse these sites and does not vouch for the accuracy of the information contained therein.


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