It pays to use natural gas.

When you take advantage of National Fuel’s Conservation Incentive Program, you get rebates for having a contractor install high-efficiency equipment for your home. These rebates even include gas clothes dryers! Taking advantage of this clean, efficient, secure and abundant resource really adds up — year after year.

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Save energy and money.

Get rebates on select natural gas appliances.1


Required Minimum Efficiency

Rebate Amount

Space Heating    
Hot Air Furnace 92% AFUE2 $400
Hot Air Furnace 95% AFUE $500
Hot Air Furnace w/ ECM3 92% AFUE $425
Hot Air Furnace w/ ECM 95% AFUE $525
Hot Water Boiler 85% AFUE $200
Hot Water Boiler 90% AFUE $600
Steam Boiler 82% AFUE $100
Furnace Tune-Up Service4 N/A $60
Boiler Tune-Up Service4 N/A $70
Water Heating    
Storage Tank Water Heater (55 Gallons or Less) 0.64 UEF5 or 0.67 EF6 $75
Storage Tank Water Heater (55 Gallons or Less) 0.80 UEF $250
Storage Tank Water Heater (More Than 55 Gallons) 0.78 UEF or 0.77 EF $150
Tankless Water Heater 0.87 UEF or 0.90 EF $325
Other Gas Appliances    
Clothes Dryer ENERGY STAR® Rated $50
Pool Heater 84% Thermal Efficiency $40
Pool Heater 86% Thermal Efficiency $80
Pool Heater 90% Thermal Efficiency $120
Pool Heater 95% Thermal Efficiency $160
Wi-Fi Thermostat N/A $125