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Thank you for your interest in National Fuel's Conservation Incentive Program (CIP). This program makes rebates available to National Fuel's residential and non-residential customers when they replace select natural gas equipment with more efficient models.

Assisting your customers in their efforts to improve their energy use and save money by installing more efficient equipment can be made easier with this program. Read on for more information.

Non-Residential Customer Rebate Program

Rebates are available for non-residential customers in the Western New York service area for upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment.

Customers can choose from one of two rebate options:
Fixed (Pre-Qualified) Rebate - Fixed rebates are available on pre-qualified equipment.

Customized (Performance-Based) Rebate - Rebates are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the results of an energy-use analysis. Customized rebates can be as much as $15 per Mcf x the gas savings (Mcf).

NOTE: You are able to update this form from your computer in order to calculate the potential rebate amount. A completed worksheet is provided as an example for your reference.

Please click here for more information on the CIP rebates for non-residential customers.

Residential Customer Rebate Program

For residential customers, rebates are available when a customer purchases an Energy Star®-rated programmable thermostat or replaces specified appliances with new, energy-efficient models. Please click here for more information on the rebates for residential customers.

Conservation Incentive Program materials:

For Non-Residential Customers:

Click here for a program Brochure.

Click here for the Fixed (Pre-qualified) Rebate application.

Click here for the Customized Rebate Application.

For Residential Customers:

Click here for a program Brochure.

Click here for the residential customer rebate application.

Note: This form can be updated from your computer; complete the form and save it in your electronic files. Then print the completed form, sign it, and mail it to receive the rebate.

If you have additional questions about the rebates that are part of the Conservation Incentive Program, please contact:
Jeffrey Kwiatkowski: or (716) 857-7976

If you would like a supply of promotional materials for the Conservation Incentive Program, please click here and fill out the attached form. Once completed, please fax this form to (716) 857-7439, Attn: Corporate Communications.

Are we missing something on this page? Please let us know by e-mailing or calling (716) 857-7625.
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